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With all of the great Bat Manufactures today its hard to choose a good wood bat. We want to help and
with our experience we have selected what our players from the Northwest Independent Baseball League have used the last 8 years. The NWIBL is a semi-pro and adult league in the Portland Area with 18-22 teams made up of Ex-Pro and College players.  All bats have been game tested. If you have a question we're always glad to help.
We have selected the best of each of the following Bat Manufactures and stock most of the models in colors shown.
Custom sizes and colors are always available please allow 10 to 20 days for delivery.
Al bats are shipped USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day service
Why Bats Break... Most common cause is hitting off the end of the bat, when you are swinging at a pitch and are you're out in front of it... so lay off the high inside's a ball. Next you get jammed on a inside pitch on the hands, this means you were late in your approach you want to make contact just a bit in front of the plate. Soft focus on the Pitchers hat you will see the ball leave his hand
Hitting is timing, hitting is seeing the ball
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Sandlot Stiks
KR3 Wood

KR3 Magnum Composite
Lizard Skin
Bat Wrap

Takes the sting out on cold spring and fall days and makes an outstanding bat grip all the time
Pelican Bat
Wax Grip

Just plain Sticky but cleans up fast
Baum Bats Special Offers Click Here
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American Beech Wood Bats Grown in America Hand Made in the USA
The natural wood sap fills in the microscopic fiber matrix when dried causing a denser wood than maple, ash and birch.  Beech bats will have more flex allowing a stronger whipping action when hitting a baseball thus providing more ball bat explosion on contact. (Higher Batted Ball Exit Speed)
American Beech Bats made here in America are always delivered freshly made.
American Beech baseball bats high quality dense billets, these bats enable batters to prove themselves
Sandlot Stiks Beech, Birch and Maple all wood bats with lots of pop

Sandlot Stiks Beech, Birch and Maple all wood bats with lots of pop

Sandlot Stiks Beech, Birch and Maple all wood bats with lots of pop
 Maple from KR3 made in Canada where Natures Forest produce the hardest woods

KR3 Canadian Hard Rock Maple with Slope of Grain Ink  
Chandler Bat Company/RX Sports where Players in the Pros get their Maple Bats call us for inventory

Chandler Pro Maple Baseball Bats 
All Wood Ash, Birch and Maple from Trinity Bat Company

Trinity Pro Slope of Grain Ink Maple, Ash, and Birch MLB

Trinity Pro Select Bone Rubbed Northern Ash MLB
Baum Bats are back...Factory restarts production with new Ownership order your Baum bat today!

New AAA PRO BBCOR.50 Baum Bat
$219.99 with FREE USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day Shipping

FREE Lizard Skin Bat Wrap With Purchase
Free with Purchase your choice Black, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange Lizard Skin Bat Wrap a $15 Value

Call 503 208 2009 to Pre-Order Your Baum Bat Today First to Order will be Shipped First.
March Factory Shipping Date
 Baum Factory is in production order your Baum Bat Now
 32/29, 32.5/29.5, 33/30, 33.5/30.5 and 34/31 Bat Sizes $219 with Free USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day Shipping
eagle magnum 243 and 271
KR3 Eagle Magnum  2 Month Warranty  KR3 all wood bats

KR3 Maple Magnum  3 Month Warranty  KR3 all wood bats

KR3 Maple Magnum  3 Month Warranty  KR3 all wood bats
Hickory magnum KR3 Rock Hard Barrel design, never loses it pop.
KR3 Hickory Magnum  6 Month Warranty  KR3 all wood bats

MacDougall PowerWood Tanoak (Beech Family) 5 Month Warranty

MacDougall PowerWood Black Diamond Barrel  5 Month Warranty

MacDougall PowerWood FUNGO with PowerLock Barrel 5 Month Warranty
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Baum AAA Pro Composite Wood Baseball Bats in sizes 32, 32.5, 33, 33.5, 34 for sale at
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