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Turn Doubles into Home Runs with a New Baum Bat
Shipped FREE USPS 2/3 Day Priority Mail Anywhere in the USA
Order Now In Stock 
 32/29, 32.5/29.5, 33/30, 33.5/30.5, & 34/31 in Stock


Order NOW in Stock
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AAA Pro Baum Bat Sizes Available
32/29, 32.5/29.5, 33/30, 33.5/30.5, & 34/31


Call Batters Inc. at 503 208 2009 and place your order now, we call you first and do not charge your card until we ship your Baum Bat. Be Ready for the holidays order your Baum Bat Now
Baum Bats shipped weekly!! Be on our list to get yours first
, it's the #1 BBCOR.50 Composite Wood Bat This Year

Price includes shipping Priority Mail 2 Day Delivery
Baum Bats are NFHS and NCAA certified BBCOR.50

it is one of the best wood bate made in America


Sizes  32/29, 32.5, 33/30, 33.5, 34/31

Shipments Weekly.
Place your order today and your Baum Bat will be shipped
USPS Priority Mail (2 Days)

32/29, 32.5/29.5, 33/30, 33/31 33.5/30.5, 34/31 Baum Bats in Stock
 order yours now on
PayPal our best price is $219 with Priority Mail Shipping same day when in stock*. 
We deliver NationwideOur Baum Bat price may not be the lowest price, but we offer USPS Priority Mail Shipping 2 day Service (Usually 2 days and with Saturday Delivery at no extra charge) and stock most sizes with the standard knob 
*out (call if you want the flared handle 503 208 2009 and let us check our inventory)
Made in America
with a 4 Month Warranty
Product Information: Baum Bats are affordable, Baum bats are BBCOR.50 Rules, and have outstanding pop and the same sound a ball makes when hit by a solid wood bat.  Baum bats last a good 4-5 seasons when treated with care, and if you were to break 2-3 of the high end brand name wood bats you could have paid for a Baum Composite Wood Bat. You may use the bat when approved in youth wood bat leagues, High School, College Divisions, Adult Leagues and up to low A MiLB Leagues. The AAA Pro Baum Bat the perfect wood composite bat that is made under the same conditions used to make advanced aerospace structures and comes with a 4 month warranty against manufacturing defects. The making of the AAA Pro Baum Bat continues to be a concentrated research in composite materials science, baseball bat and ball speed physics, mechanical engineering and wood bat design. It has been noted that the textured finish gives a fly ball backspin causing more lift.  As Baum's reputation proves, the Baum Bat is simply the best composite wood bat made today>Bat care  Now BBCOR.50 certified.  Baum Bats — world patents pending with a 4 Month Warranty

The College and High School game has changed. If you want college and pro scouts to rate you, are you going to get more looks hitting with a wood bat or metal...I say wood, so use a composite wood Baum Bat and get points for what you do with wood not what a scouts think you'll do.

If you need a wood bat that you can depend on every time you go to the plate no mater who the pitcher is, how fast he throws, what junk he tries to slip past you, the Baum Bat and the MacDougall PowerWood are the ones to arm yourself with. They just don't break.  They have the warranty to back them up and stat records with hitters that use them. Used by Baseball Players here in the Northwest Independent Baseball League,  the rest of the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and Latin America, these bats have more pop and get more hits than BBCOR Metal bats when used by properly coached players. So the next time you step up to the plate....BE ARMED!!!  HAVE A BAUM BAT OR AN ALL WOOD MACDOUGALL POWERWOOD IN YOUR HANDS....

Buy your Baum Bat now Start baseball practice to get
 use to your new BBCOR.50 Bat.


  Los murciélagos de madera 4 Sale palos de béisbol Baum


Need a Gift Certificate
Call to Order
503 208 2009

*Same Day shipping if ordered by 12 PM M-F

With the AAA Pro Model Baum Bat, you will:
BBCOR.50 Bats can be -3, -2.5, -2, and -1  drop weights
Have a bat with a serial number so that if it is taken you will have proof of ownership, add the serial number to your phone for safe keeping.
You will save money over the next 3-5 years because the Baum bat is Made to last.
With constant practice become a better hitter, you can hit the inside pitch without fear of breaking your Baum Bat
You can spend more time in the batting cage without the fear of breaking expensive plain wood bats.
You will be able to prove to coaches, scouts and fans you can hit with a wood bat as the Baum baseball bat (with practice) has improved your hitting skills.

Thousands of Baum Baseball bats have been placed in world wide service in professional baseball, collegiate summer leagues, colleges and Adult leagues like the
Northwest Independent Baseball League, and high schools. Bats must be BBCOR.50 and Baum Bat is certified BBCOR.50 as of 1/1/2012. (BBCOR.50 Rules) All reports indicate the same thing — the AAA Pro Baum®Bat is a wood bat, except it is far more durable. Thousands of hits were attained on these Baum Baseball bats while maintaining the inside-jam pitch effectiveness due to bat sting and wood-like ball exit velocity even hits off the end of the Baum bat did not cause the bat to shatter making a much safer bat use in game conditions. Umpires, fans, coaches and players could not tell any difference in the game, and most importantly the hitters became noticeably improved at the college and high school level while maintaining the game as it was designed. Baum bat Manufactured since 1993

All AAA Pro Baum®Bat  are
BBCOR.50 Certified         Baum baseball bats are BBCOR.50 Certified       BBCOR.50
BBCOR Certified high school and college approved because........................
Starting Jan. 1, 2011 - All bats used in the NCAA and any organizations that follow NCAA rules (such as the NAIA), must be BBCOR.50 certified. The BESR certification will no longer used after 2012  High School must use BBCOR.50 starting
Jan. 1 2012

Baum baseball bats are designed using combination/clone of the five most popular Major League hardwood bats. The AAA Pro Baum®Bat hits, feels, looks and sounds exactly like wood, with a maximum Barrel Diameter of 2.505" and a sweet spot diameter of 2.473". The major difference is the Baum bats durability — imagine not having to replace your wood bat every 15-50 swings when it breaks! This is without a doubt the most durable bat in baseball. It has no equal!
The AAAPRO® Model is available in 32", 32.5", 33", 33.5", 34",
with weights of -3 ounces under length. Cost $1210 includes shipping
(34.5" $220 and 35" $220 with shipping) lengths, with weights of -3 ounces under length.

We sell bats at a fair price, we're not cheap and we're not expensive.  We're just plain fair!
You can break 3 $60 bats (and you will) or buy a Baum bat today and save $500 over the next 4 year
Buy a Baum Bat today and take your game to the next level...only you can control your game.

Due to the Jan. 1, 2012 price increase by our supplier we have raised the Baum Baseball bat cost by $5.00 effective on all new orders dated Jan. 2, 2012 and later.

Buy your Baum bat now and be ready for Spring and Summer  2012
Wood Bat League Play

-3 Length to Weight Ratio
Approved For Minor League Game Use By Major League Baseball
NCAA, NFHS Approved
BBCOR .50 Certified - Approved for H.S. and Collegiate Play

Ash Wood Exterior Shell
Composite Reinforcement Surrounding Core
Foamed Plastic Core
Barrel Size of 2.505"
Full Four (4) Month Manufacturer's Warranty

                                      McDougall PowerWood tm an all wood, laminated bat that is both NCAA and BBcor.50 certified and in stock   see it here.
                                                       Baum AAA Pro Model Bat Order Form or PayPal
Independent Test Results,
The Patented AAA PRO model Baum Bat is the only true high-tech wood composite bat, approved for minor league game use by Major League Baseball. It is also approved for NCAA and NFHS use. This bat features a Six (4) month Manufacturers Warranty!
Independent Test Results:
At the request of Major League Baseball, Tufts University, under the direction of Professor Robert Collier, conducted an exhaustive materials performance and technical evaluation comparing the Baum AAA Pro Model with the C-271 hardwood models. In the report Professor Collier said:
"In summary, both field and laboratory experiments demonstrate that the Baum AAA Pro Model wood composite bat is comparable to a professional C-271 wood bat in dynamics and performance. The AAA Pro Model has, on the other hand, proven to be far more durable with regard to both strength and maintaining its performance levels after sustained hitting."
As a follow-up, Tufts University in Massachusetts has re-evaluated the production models for durability of field results compared to the standard C-271 model. Their conclusion:
"The Baum AAA Pro bat continues to perform at the same level confirming the results of durability testing carried out last Fall in which performance was unchanged after more than 2,000 hits."

Baum®Bat Care
1. Do not hit your metal cleats with the barrel, this causes dents in the ash wood.
2. After a game wipe your bat with a clean cloth to remove dirt.
3. Remove buildup of pine tar from handle.
4. When used in wet climates do not hit old water logged baseballs.
5. Your can hit with 360 degrees with this bat so rotate often.
6. Everyone will want to use your Baum Bat DON'T LET IT BECOME A TEAM BAT.
7. When used during batting practice use regular leather baseballs, the rubber cage balls cause a vibration inside the
    bat thus reducing the bat will lose ball distance.

Good luck and JUST HIT THE BALL AS HARD AS YOU CAN......................

NEW Baum®Bat Warranty Information 1/1/2015

Baum®Bat Limited 4 Month Manufacturer
Warranty and Care Information
Please keep in mind; Baum®Bats are designed to break under certain conditions. They are still the most durable wood composite bat on the market, but they are NOT indestructible.
Care of your Baum®Bat…
Remember to take good care of your bat by NOT tapping your cleats against the bat. Do NOT hit or throw the bat against any foreign surface such as: fences posts, dugouts, rocky surfaces, cement steps, etc. These actions cause dings and chips, and damage the surface of the bat. Also Do NOT use any dimpled cage balls, old water soaked real baseballs or any synthetic baseballs of any kind. If Baum R & D finds any evidence of the above actions your warranty is void.
The warranty is ONLY valid for our AAA-Pro and Monster model bats and is good for
FOUR MONTHS from the date of purchase to the date shipped back to manufacturer.

The Baum®Bat Limited Warranty provides for repair, replacement, discount (at manufacturer's option) of any Baum®Bat exhibiting structural failure due to a manufacturing defect, which adversely affects the performance or durability of the bat. Baum R&D reserves the right to refuse service to any person whom the Warranty Department deems abusing its products or warranty policy.

The failure must have occurred during use with real baseballs (NOT POLYBALLS), and be the direct result of a manufacturing defect.

The warranty does not cover cosmetic surface or structural conditions resulting from normal wear and tear, abuse or neglect.

The warranty is valid for all domestic amateur baseball use, covering bats purchased directly from the manufacturer's website that were sold and shipped to a domestic address, or purchased from an authorized domestic dealer.

All returned bats will be examined by Baum R&D and at its sole discretion a determination will be made. This opinion is not challengeable by any party. Once the bat is returned it becomes the property of Baum R&D and cannot be returned to the original owner; as it may be necessary to cut the bat apart to determine if there is a manufacturing defect. We also have the right, to provide a percentage off your next purchase as a goodwill gesture, if our technical team is unable to determine cause of failure.

Bats are to be returned to the manufacturer at the customer's expense together with a TYPED letter detailing the failure including the 6 digit serial found on the barrel, your return shipping address, your full name, email address, phone number and your domestic dealer receipt.

Under NO circumstances will our liability exceed the original purchase price of the bat.

There are no other warranties, written or implied

Order now for Games and Practice.... Price includes FREE shipping Priority Mail 2 Day Delivery,,,Call 503 208 2009 to Use a credit card we don't charge your card until we ship your bat
Baum Bat FREE Priority Mail
2/3 Day Shipping
Call for Team Sales
Add Your Phone Number
Team Sales Call 503-208-2009

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List Price $299.00
Batters Inc.
BBCOR.50 Certified

Plus Priority Mail Shipping

Baum Bat Ordering Information
*Same Day Shipping
if Ordered by 12 PM PDT M-F

The AAAPRO Baum Bat Model is available in 32", 32.5", 33", 33.5", and 34", lengths, with weights of -3 ounces BBCOR.50 NCAA & NFHS Approved
34.5 and 35 inch special order

BBCOR.50 Bats can be -3, -2.5, -2, and -1 
drop weights






BBCOR.50 Certified

Approved for High School, College Divisions, Adult Leagues and up to low A MiLB Leagues


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To Order call 503 208 2009

Have a question on this or any of our bats
call me I still play in the
Northwest Independent Baseball League
a 17 Team Semi-Pro League in
Portland Oregon.
All bats are League tested

The AAAPRO® Model is available in 32", 32.5", 33", 33.5", and 34", lengths,
with weights of -3 ounces



-3 Length to Weight Ratio
Approved For Minor League Game Use By Major League Baseball
NCAA, NFHS Approved
BBCOR.50 Certified - Approved for H.S. and Collegiate Play

Ash Wood Exterior Shell
Composite Reinforcement Surrounding Core
Foamed Plastic Core
Barrel Size of 2.505"
Full 4 Month Manufacturer's Warranty


Need a all Wood BBCOR.50 Tournament Bat Now! Try the "POWERWOOD"
he all wood bat with a 4 month warranty, more POP and in stock ready to ship today


Need a Gift Certificate
Call to Order
503 208 2009

We sell wood bats at a fair price, we're not cheap and we're not expensive.  We're just plain fair!
You can break 2 $120 bats (and you will) or buy a Baum Baseball Bat today and save $500 over the next 4 years
Buy a Baum baseball Bat today and take your game to the next level...YOU will control your game...

Bases loaded 2 out tour team is down by 2 you grab your old bat and first pitch you swing,  crack...shatter your bat barrel ends up at third the ball rolls softly to the pitcher who throws you at at over your team looses...

You grab your Baum Bat and hit a line drive up the middle to win the game >>>>what are you going to use

Baum the bat that just does not let you down!!!


Baum bats are shipped to all cities in the following states; Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District Of Columbia, Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming





Buying a wood bat is the most important item for today's ball player.  Please look our selections over as these bats have been recommended by over 380 players of the
Northwest Independent Baseball League
a 17 Team Semi-Pro League in Portland Oregon.

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